Combating Discrimination and Promoting Gender Equality through Civic Education

The project aims at activating the teaching of anti-discrimination and gender equality issues in public schools. This will be achieved by further developing the online platform and by training of civic education teachers.

Get to know judges

To assist in strengthening the transparency of the Judiciary system, in particular with regard to the implementing justice by individual judges.

Protection of Freedom of Expression in Justice System

Current flaws in Georgian legislation leaves possibilites for restricting freedom of expression on the grounds of protection of honor and dignity of the court.

Increasing the number of Allies in the process of Judiciary Reforms through effective Campaign

The main purpose of the proposed project is to increase the number of allies in the process of Judiciary Reforms through effective Campaign- with the motto “make courts trustworthy”.

Litigation for Freedom of Expression

The project aims at approximation of the legislative framework of the freedom of speech and expression to the existing constitutional standards and facilitation in forming of consistent practice of Common Courts in accordance with these standards through strategic litigation.

Combating racism and xenophobia in the sphere of the student migration by the strategic litigation

The project aim is to promote the decrease of the rascal and xenophobic attitudes against foreign citizen students; simultaneously it aims the promotion of changes in law and practice through strategic litigation.

Project Civic Education for All

The overall objective of the project is to raise the civic awareness and respect for human rights, as well as conscious of their own rights and obligations among youth residing in Georgia.

Promoting the Raising of the Human Rights Protection Standards through Improving Advocate’s Skills in Constitutional Litigation

The aim of the project is to promote the raising of the human rights protection standards through active usage of the constitutional litigation (as a national human rights protection mechanism) by the advocates.