The Coalition Reacts to the Competition of Supreme Court Judicial Candidates

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary calls on the Parliament to elect Supreme Court judges based on a political consensus between the parliamentary majority and the opposition, otherwise, to refrain from making a decision regarding this issue until a fundamental justice reform is implemented.


Coalition: A New Constitutional Court Judge Should be Elected through an Inclusive Process

On July 26, 2021, the term of Tamaz Tsabutashvili, a Constitutional Court judge, will expire. The President of Georgia must appoint a new member of the Court. According to the law,[1] the new judge must be appointed from June 26 to July 16.


Current events in Ninotsminda Boarding School require the immediate intervention of the state

The member organizations of the Coalition for Equality believe that the current events related to the Ninotsminda Boarding School are alarming and require an immediate and drastic response from the state.


Signatory Organizations Demand Suspension of the Election of Judges to the High Council of Justice

The signatory organizations call on the judges of the Common Courts of Georgia not to hold the XXIX Extraordinary Conference on May 26, intended to elect four judges to the High Council of Justice of Georgia.


The Coalition Calls on the Parliament to Start Working on Justice Reform

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary calls on the Parliament of Georgia to start working on justice system reform promptly and to ensure that the High Council of Justice is made up of qualified and trustworthy members.


The “Cartographers’ case” has been sent to Strasbourg.

The “Cartographers’ case” has been sent to Strasbourg. Iveri Melasvhili and Natalia Ilichova have applied to the European Court of Human Rights. The application has been developed by Davit Jandieri representing the interests of the applicants before the ECtHR. The application was prepared in collaboration with Iveri Melashvili’s and Natalia Ilichova’s representatives and with support of “Open Society Georgia Foundation”.


The Coalition Reacts to the Announced Changes in the Rule of the Composition of the Supreme Court


The State is Threatening to Prosecute Civil Activists

The non-governmental organizations are responding to the events of March 21 in Marneuli, where activists of the "Movement for Georgia" together with the local population have demonstratively violated the restriction of movement at 21:00. Shotly after the noted demonstration the government began to actively contact activists and call them in for questioning within the framework of a criminal prosecution due to the repeated violation of the curfew. The fact that most of the cases have not been investigated for months and that investigation has resumed only after March 21 protests raises legitimate suspicions that the government will use criminal sanctions as punitive measures aimed at quelling citizens' protests.